BOC Votes to Accept JAC Proposal to Begin Solitary Confinement Reform

13 Jun BOC Votes to Accept JAC Proposal to Begin Solitary Confinement Reform

On June 3, the BOC decided between the following:  1) commence rule-making (including consideration of the proposal provided by JAC and any alternatives); 2) reject the JAC petition as premature and appoint a committee to study the issue of use of solitary confinement in the jails; or 3) reject the petition and take no further action.

The Board Voted affirmatively to begin rule-making and accepted the JAC petition:

Board of Correction
51 Chambers Street
Room 923
New York, NY  10007

Dear Chairman Harris and Members of the NYC Board of Correction:

We strongly urge you to vote on June 3 to immediately initiate the rule-making process to implement regulations for the use of isolated confinement in the New York City jails.

We supported the Jails Action Coalition’s campaign for the adoption of rules regarding the use of isolated confinement because the City jail system of punitive segregation is inhumane and causes needless suffering and injury.  The Board of Correction should utilize its authority to promulgate “minimum standards for the care, custody, correction, treatment, supervision, and discipline” of persons held in our jails to implement long needed reform of punitive segregation including barring individuals with mental and physical disabilities and young persons from this harsh and harmful punishment.

The NYC Department of Correction has been unable to create meaningful reform without assistance, and the Board should not delay to use its authority to provide the assistance required to promulgate minimum standards which will assist in implementing meaningful reform now.

Please take action now and vote to proceed with rule-making on June 3.