BOC Votes to Mandate Reporting on Punitive Segregation from the DOC

16 Dec BOC Votes to Mandate Reporting on Punitive Segregation from the DOC

BOC Votes to Mandate Reports on Punitive Segregation from the DOC:

Standard § 1-17 (h)(1) is amended to add numerous reporting requirements about punitive segregation that are to be reported on by the Department every 60 days. The reporting includes efforts to reduce lengths of stays in punitive segregation, reporting on lengths of sentences imposed, information about waivers of the 60 day in 6 month limitation, number of 45 day reviews conducted, information about repeated placements in punitive segregation and lengths of stays in punitive segregation.

Standard § 1-17 (h)(2) requires the Department to produce a report by June 1, 2016 “analyzing and recommending options to reduce persistent violence committed by inmates housed in or released from punitive segregation that use means other than extending punitive segregation confinement.” Standard §§ 1-17 (h)(2)(i) through (iv) include specific requirements for the report:

o § 1-17 (h)(2)(i) detail how recommended solutions support protecting the safety and wellbeing of staff and inmates, promote security and facilitate reentry;

o § 1-17 (h)(2)(ii) describe measures implemented or planned including programming and housing;

o § 1-17 (h)(2)(iii) assessment of pros and cons of each option, impact of each option and any resources needed;

o § 1-17 (h)(2)(iv) describe research conducted on effective disciplinary systems and alternatives to punitive segregation and any progress identifying viable alternative programs and locations to safely house and treat violent offenders.