TIMELINE: JAC Pushes for Solitary Confinement Reform in NYC Jails

02 Feb TIMELINE: JAC Pushes for Solitary Confinement Reform in NYC Jails


The City jails are in crisis. Incarcerated people, including young people, are at risk of being subjected to serious physical harm by Department of Correction (DOC) staff who are unabashed in their use of excessive force. Inadequate health and mental health treatment have led to preventable deaths of incarcerated people. DOC staff are rarely held accountable for their misconduct. The use of solitary confinement (punitive segregation) to punish violations of jail rules was standard DOC practice before the Board adopted Minimum Standards limiting its use in January 2015 but those reforms have been pushed-back and are still yet-to-be-implemented as of early February, 2016.

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