Action and Outreach Committee: Committee members plan demonstrations, get the word out, form alliances with other groups, and coordinate legislative advocacy.

Committee Contact:

DEE ESS ( and

Natalie Block-Levin (


Policy Committee: Committee members conduct legal and factual research and draft comments, testimony, and policy recommendations.

Committee Contact:

Riley Doyle Evans: (

Jennifer Parish (



Communication Committee: Committee members maintain the website, facebook, twitter, email listservs, newsletter, produce graphics, and maintain archive, and phone banks in order for our organization to stay connected inside and out.

Committee Contact:

Nick Malinowski (

Kelly Grace Price (


Service Comittee: Committee members provide stablizing services to people affected by the injustices of incarceration, including corresponding with people currently incarcerated. 

Committee Contact:

Susan Goodwillie (


Planning Committee: Committee members organize monthly coalition meetings.

Committee Contact:

Ron (