The calls to SHUT DOWN RIKERS keep coming …


Kalief Browder’s Brother Joins Rally to Call for Closure of Rikers Island Jail
February 24, 2016, Democracy Now

Imagining a Rikers Island With No Jail
by The Editorial Board, February 24, 2016, The New York Times

Call for Rikers Island shutdown by City Council Speaker is ‘intriguing’ to Gov. Andrew Cuomo
by Kenneth Lovett, February 14, 2016, Daily News

City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito aims to shrink Rikers Island population as part of major criminal justice system overhaul
by Erin Durking, February 11, 2016, Daily News

City Council speaker wants to shut down Rikers Island
by Michael Gartland, February 11, 2016, New York Post

Close it? Campaign seeks to shutter NYC’s Rikers Island jail
by Jake Pearson, January 9, 2016, Associated Press

Scars that Remain a Lifetime: Why Rikers Island Must Be Closed
by Glenn E. Martin, December 9, 2015, The New School Center for New York City Affairs

City Controller Scott Stringer: Rikers Island is an ‘urban shame’ that should be shut down
by Reuven Blau and Graham Rayman, November 19, 2015, Daily News

“Right now, Rikers Island is a case study in poor outcomes.”
by Scott Stringer, November 18, 2015, The Center for New York City Affairs at The New School

Mayor de Blasio: Tear Down This Jail! You want to fix Rikers? Close it.
by Neil Barsky, July 17, 2015, The Marshall Project

by Ed Morales, City &

The Marshall Project Aims Spotlight On ‘Abysmal Status’ Of Criminal Justice
by Michael Calderone, November 16, 2015, HuffPost Media

Calls To Close Down Rikers Island Are Getting Louder
by Christopher Mathias, September 9, 2015, HuffPost Politics

Why I Want to Shut Down Rikers
By , October 17, 2015, Eurasia Review

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by Stephen Rex Brown, May 19, 2015, Daily News
Transgender woman to sue city for $3M for failing to protect her from male inmates at Rikers Island
by Keri BlakingerFebruary 22, 2016, Daily News

Female inmate accuses Rikers Island guard of rape, mails ‘proof’ of attack to friend and family member
by Keri Blakinger, Reuven Blau, December 28, 2015, Daily News

Another Female Rikers Inmate Says She Was Raped By a Corrections Officer
by Anna Merlan, December 28, 2015, Jezebel

The Daniel Holtzclaws of Rikers Island: Staff Sex Abuse Crisis in City Jails
by Nick Malinowski, December 15, 2015, Huff Post Crime

by Kim Bellware, October 20, 2015, HuffPost Crime

Of the total sexual abuse complaints reported to health providers by inmates in recent years, the majority of complaints were made against DOC staff.

A figure from data filed by New York City Public Advocate Letitia James supporting Rikers Island inmates' pursuit of a class-action sexual abuse lawsuit. Of the total sexual abuse complaints reported to health providers by inmates in recent years, the majority of complaints were made against DOC staff.

Rikers Island correction officer raped female inmate on bus, invited fellow guard to watch: lawsuit
by Victoria Bekiempis, November 20, 2015, New York Daily News

Prison Guard Allegedly Raped Female Inmate For 15 Minutes, Wanted To Give His Partner a ‘Show’
by Mark Shrayber, November 22, 2015, Jezebel

Rikers Rape Allegations Were Never Shared With NYPD Last Year: Court Papers

by Rosa Goldensohn, October 19, 2015, DNAinfo

Rikers Officials Failed to Report 98% of Sexual Assault Claims to NYPD in 2014: Court Filing

by Andy Cush, October 20, 2015, Gawker
Court Filings: More Than 100 Allegations of Sexual Abuse at Rikers Went Unreported to Police Last Year
Watch The Video, October 19, 2015, NY1

Rikers Staff Almost Never Report Inmate Sexual Abuse to the Police

by Gabby Bess, October 22, 2015, Vice


Female Rikers guards stripped me and grabbed my fake breasts
By Shawn Cohen and Daniel Prendergast, November 19, 2015, New York Post

Rikers Island visitor sues city, says officer groped her and made her strip
By , October 8, 2015, Daily News

Women Describe Violating Visitor Strip Searches at Rikers Island
by Sarah Wallace and Erin Petenko, December 15, 2015, 4 New York


Rikers Island beating victim settles $200G lawsuit stemming from guard-directed beating
by Graham Rayman, December 16, 2015, Daily News

Comptroller’s Report to Criticize de Blasio Administration on Reform at Rikers
By , October 15, 2015, The New York Times

Report: Rikers Violence Up As City Spends More Per Inmate

by Emma Whitford, October 16, 2015, Gothamist

Former Rikers Island guards convicted of brutal assault that left inmate blind in one eye
by Ben Kochman, October 16, 2015, Daily News


Rikers Island Jail Fairly Confident Its Missing Ecstasy Pills Are Gone For Good
by Gabrielle Bluestone, January 12, 2015, Gawker

Rikers Island officers lose 50 ecstasy pills believed to be stolen from safe
by Reuven Blau, December 16, 2015, Daily News

Escape From New York: the Emancipation of Activist Cecily McMillan
by Mark Hand, November 27, 2015, counterpunch

Rikers Island correction officer attempts to smuggle synthetic weed, scalpel blades into city jail: officials
by Greg B. Smith, Reven Blau, November 25, 2015, Daily News

Rikers inmate accused of seducing four female correction officers to smuggle cell phones, pay for lawyer
by Chris Sommerfeldt and Reuven Blau, November 16, 2015, Daily News

The Frequent Flyers of Rikers Island — listen or read

Listen to Cindy Rodriquez talk about it on the Brian Lehrer Show
“Since 2010 this senior citizen has racked up 56 convictions, was in jail 28 times and spent 446 days behind bars.”
by Cindy Rodriguez, November 16, 2015, WNYC News

Ex-Rikers Guard Sentenced to Prison for Smuggling and Selling Drugs
by The Associated Press, October 13, 2015, The New York Times

Inside Rikers Island: A look at violence and corruption in the complex
by Dan Mannarino, February 9, 2016, Pix11


A Republican Governor Is Leading the Country’s Most Successful Prison Reform
by Naomi Shavin, March 31, 2015, New Republic

But How do we make sure the shut down is meaningful?

Shut Down Rikers, and Then What?
by Dee Squalé, January 16, 2016, City Limits

City Needs a Real Plan to Close Rikers, Lest One Failure Replace Another
by David A. Fullard, February 13, 2016, City Limits

by FAMM, July 8, 2011



February 22, 2016, Cato Institute
Despite Public Outrage, Bail Reform Still Needed in New York City
by Randal John Meyer


February 19, 2016, Columbia Spectator
Columbia Center for Justice partners with local gallery for exhibit on mass incarceration
by Taylor Smith


Seven Rikers Island officers reinstated as they face trial for alleged inmate attack

by Graham Rayman, Reuven Blau, February 16, 2016, Daily News

10 NYC Jail Guards To Face Trial For 2012 Inmate Assault
February 17, 2016, CBS New York

DA: 10 Correction Officers Indicted For Beating Of Rikers Inmate, Cover Up
June 26, 2013, CBS New York

Sanford Rubenstein, lawyer for Rikers Island inmate suing NYC after being beaten, faces gag order by Bronx judge
by Ben Kochman, February 17, 2016, Daily News


February 17, 2016, CBS New york
Rikers Correction Officer Admits To Trying To Cover Up Inmate’s Death In Hot Cell
February 17, 2016, The Guardian
Landlords discriminate against ex-offenders. Tax credits can change that
by Chandra Bozelko


February 16, 2016, AP
After years in solitary, a woman struggles to carry on
by Jake Pearson


The Tug of War Over Closing Rikers is Headspinning

Melissa Mark-Viverito addresses Rikers Island reform
February 23, 2016, Pix11

Town hall meeting held to discuss possible shutdown of Rikers Island
by Dan Mandarin, February 23, 2016, Pix11

Town Hall On Criminal Justice Reform Hosted Amid Calls to Close Rikers Island
by Courtney Gross, February 23, 2016, NY1

What Kalief Browder’s Mother Thinks Should Happen to Rikers
by Alysia Santo, February 18, 2016, Vice

New worries over South Shore ‘neighborhood jail’ if Rikers closes
by Anna Sanders, February 18, 2016,

De Blasio says he, first lady in ‘total agreement’ on Rikers
by Emily Ngo, February 18, 2016, Newsday

Talking to Chirlane McCray About Mental Health, Voting for Hillary, and Closing Rikers
“And of course the jail doesn’t serve mentally ill people well.”
by Anna Merlan, February 17, 2016, Jezebel

NYC First Lady breaks with husband, favors closing Rikers
by Jennifer Fermino, February 17, 2016, Daily News

De Blasio issues reality check on calls to raze Rikers
Closing the jail is ‘noble concept,’ but replacing it would cost ‘billions and billions,’ mayor says
by Rosa Goldensohn, February 16, 2016, Crain’s

De Blasio: Closing Rikers Island Would Cost Billions and Be ‘Very Difficult’
“I have to look out for what’s feasible,” he said. “And I have to look out for the taxpayer.”
by Jillian Jorgensen, February 16, 2016, Observer

Consultant Gets $7 Million More to Plan Reform at Rikers Jails
“In the proposed 2017 budget made public last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio called for nearly $100 million in new spending for the Correction Department, including $41.3 million for the Anti-Violence Plan he introduced last year and $58.3 million for training technology and extra staffing.”
by Michael Winerip, January 25, 2016, The New York Times

Cuomo offers support for Mark-Viverito’s call to close Rikers
by Colby Hamilton, February 14, 2016, Politico New York

Speaker Mark-Viverito’s Plan to Close Rikers Island
by The Brian Lehrer Show, February 16, 2016, WNYC

Leaders Diverge on Rikers Island Closure
by Brigid Bergin, February 16, 2016, WNYC


February 15, 2016, Daily News
Rikers Island inmate moved to isolation cell without toilet after suicide attempt
“Meanwhile, the battery remains inside Abdul, who was moved back to a suicide watch cell, according to records.”
by Graham Rayman, Reuven Blau


February 13, 2016, New York Post
Judge reverses city’s decision to detain mentally ill homeless man
“He won, in part because the judge found that a mayoral staffer, not a psychiatrist, made the decision to keep M.P. at the facility.”
by Julia Marsh
February 8, 2016, City Limits
NYC Must Allow Rikers Inmates Alleging Sex Abuse to Remain Anonymous
by Natalie Block-Levin


February 7, 2016, Daily News
Female Rikers Island correction officer charged with raping inmate and bringing in pot
by Ryan Sit

Bronx DA to Drop All Charges Against Enger Javier, After Years in Rikers and on House Arrest

by Andy Cush, January 6, 2016, Gawker

No charges for man held at Rikers Island for 2 years for crime he didn’t commit
by Ben Kochman, January 5, 2016, Daily News

Enger Javier Spent Two Years In Rikers For a Murder That Even the Victim’s Family Doesn’t Think He Committed
by Andy Cush, February 2, 2016, Gawker

February 5, 2016, Daily News
Lawsuit claims Department of Correction let Rikers Island inmate hang himself
by Ben Kochman, Reuven Blau


February 4, 2016, 4 I-Team
More Women Claim They Were Molested by NYC Corrections Officers During Jail Visits
by Sarah Wallace
If you were sexually harassed while visiting a detainee and want to register a complaint:
Please email Grace Price at the Urban Justice Center at
and/or contact the Department of Investigations at 212-825-5959 or complaint@DOI.NYC.GOV


Drug-Sniffing Dog Busts Correction Officer for Smuggling Synthetic Pot

by Eddie Small, February 4, 2016, DNA info

Drug-Sniffing Dog Catches NYC Correction Officer With Synthetic Pot: Authorities
January 4, 2016, 4 New York

pic of synthetic pot and CO Sufian

DOI. NYC CO accused of attempting to smuggle 61 grams of synthetic pot onto Rikers.


February 4, 2016, USA Today
Obama is wrong on solitary confinement: Column
by Norman Seabrook



February 1, 2016, The Chief
COBA: Jail Changes Key To Pact Ratification
by Mark Toor


February 1, 2016, The Arizona Replublic
No jail for 13 people charged in inmate sex crimes
by Craig Harris


February 1, 2016, New York Post
Rikers Island inmate dies during Winter Storm Jonas staffing chaos
by Michael Gartland


The Problem of America’s ‘Warehousing’ of the Mentally Ill in Jails

January 29, 2016, Vice News

How to Stop the Dangerous ‘Revolving Door’ of Jailing the Mentally Ill
by Stephanie H. Procell, January 26, 2016, Vice News

Why you should never use the term ‘the mentally ill’
by Jeff Grabmeier, January 26, 2016, Teh Ohio State University


Judge rejects two women’s effort to bring rape case as a class action despite the reforms achieved recently by excessive force class action against at Rikers

Female Prisoners at Rikers Appeal Denial of Class Status
by Mark HamblettJanuary 29, 2016, New York Law Journal

Judge limits lawsuit claiming rape at New York’s Rikers Island jail
by Joseph Ax, January 5, 2016, Reuters

Rikers Island Guard Repeatedly Raped 2 Women Inmates, Says Lawsuit
by Christopher Mathias, May 19, 2015, Huff Post Crime

America Incarcerated: The Unspoken Rape Crisis at Rikers Island
by Alex Brook Lynn, September 24, 2015, Broadly/Vice News

Read More on The Pervasive Culture Of Rape at Rikers


Taina Asili – Freedom (ft. Michael Reyes)
New Music Video to Protesting Mass Incarceration


January 27, 2016, Daily News
Union big Norman Seabrook makes controversial comment, encourages correction officers to obey regulations so they won’t need to lie
by Reuven Blau


January 27, 2016, Daily News
Rikers inmate claims jail guards broke his arm in unprovoked attack, files lawsuit
by Victoria Bekiempis


President Obama, Supreme Court take major steps towards justice with prison reforms for juveniles

by Shaun King, January 26, 2016, Daily News

Obama bans solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons, cites Rikers case as example of the cruel punishment
by Stephen Rex Brown, January 25, 2016, Daily News

Obama bans solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons
by Juliet Eilperin, January 26, 2016, The Washington Post


January 26, 2016, Daily News
Rikers inmate awaiting murder trial clings to life following suicide attempt — after pleas for stronger anti-depressants were ignored
by Graham Rayman, Reuven Blau


De Blasio quadruples down on outsourcing Rikers reform

by Rosa Goldensohn, January 25, 2016, Crain’s

Rikers Island Will Have More Officers Than Inmates Under Proposed Budget
by Jillian Jorgensen, January 21, 2016, Observer

Rikers Island Cannot Figure Out How to Stop Rising Inmate Violence
by Samuel Lieberman, January 25, 2016, New York Magazine

Stabbings, slashings go from bad to worse at Rikers Island spiking in 2015
by Reuven Blau, January 25, 2016, Daily News

Advice on Rikers Island
by Betty Jane Jacobs, January 26, 2016, The New York Times


by Rocko Rathon, January 21, 2016, The Source

Ex-guard at N.Y.’s Rikers Island sentenced for assaulting inmate
January 20, 2016, Reuters


January 20, 2016, Gothamist
Who Should Control Hart Island, NYC’s “Prison For The Dead”?
by Emma Whitford


January 20, 2016, Law Enforcement Leaders To Reduce Crime & Incarceration
Over 70 Top Police Chiefs and Prosecutors Urge Congress to Pass Criminal Justice Reform
Press Release


Kenneth Creighton was labeled a thug by the media in 2006, but he should have been labeled as a victim
by Shaun King, January 26, 2016, Daily News

After 5 Years on Rikers Island and No Trial, Bronx Man Sues for Lost Years
January 19, 2016, 4 New York


January 19, 2016,
How I ended up dog sitting for an inmate in New York
by Jo Jarvis


January 18, 2016, Daily News
Visitors struggle with hours-long waits, multiple checkpoints on Rikers Island
by Keri Blakinger, Reuven Blau


Board of Correction Voted to delay plan to end solitary for detainees aged 18 to 21

“Ponte talked to reporters after the city’s Board of Correction voted unanimously to approve the department’s request to delay until June the city’s ballyhooed plan to end solitary confinement for inmates aged 18 to 21.”
Ecstasy pills missing from Rikers safe probably won’t be found, jail official says, as department probes what happened
by Reuven Blau, January 12, 2016, Daily News

by Brian Sonenstein, January 11, 2016, ShadowProof

New York Jail Agency Seeks to Delay Ending Isolation for Young Adults
by Michael Schwirtz and Michael Winerip, January 8, The New York Times

Rikers officials: Delay ending solitary for younger inmates
by Reuven Blau, Ben Kochman, January 9, 2016, Daily News

Violence behind bars continues as inmate stabs city correction officer in ear with pen
by Reuven Blau, January 10, 2016, Daily News

8 people rushed to hospital from Manhattan jail facility
by Keldy Ortiz, January 8, 2016, Daily News

Rikers Island attack by teenage inmates leaves five correction officers hospitalized
by Denis Slattery, Reuven Blau, January 6, 2016, Daily News

by CeFaan Kim, January 6, 2016, EyeWitness News ABC 7

Adolescent Prisoners at Rikers Island No Longer Placed in Solitary
July 7, 2015, Prison Legal News

Riker reforms setback by recent violence
by Bill Parry, January 17, 2016, Times Ledger

Why inmates want inside Rikers’ disciplinary wing
by Shawn Cohen, January 18, 2016, New York Post

New York Prison Guards Instigated Attack on Inmate and Engineered Cover-Up
by William K. Rashbaum, January 7, 2016, The New York Times


January 12, 2016, Prison Legal News
Delayed Memo Shows Stint in Segregation Increases Stay in New York Jail
by Matt Clarke


January 12, 2016, Democracy Now
Why is Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Police Killing of Eric Garner, the Only One Criminally Charged?


January 7, 2016, Prion Legal News
ACLU Calls for Nationwide Ban on Solitary Confinement of Children
by Joe Watson


January 4, 2016, AP
30th arrest: Transit impostor says he needs help not prison
by Colleen Long


City reaches labor deal with correction officers union

by Gloria Pazmino, December 30, 2015, Politico New York

New York City and Correction Officers Reach Tentative Contract Deal
by Michael Schwirtz, December 31, 2015, The New York Times

Clark vows to create conviction review unit if elected Bronx DA
by Colby Hamilton, October 16, 2015, Politico New York


December 29, 2015, The New York Times
Bringing Poetry to Rikers Island, Where ‘They Can’t Cage Your Mind’
by Kirk Semple


December 28, 2015, Daily News
NYC investigator says jail guards aid with smuggling at Rikers Island
by Graham Rayman


December 27, 2015, Daily News
Rikers Island inmate’s death caused in part by Correction officers’ negligence: lawsuit
When the lift stopped, the wheelchair rolled off the platform into the bus, causing Eaddy — shackled at the ankles and unaccompanied by an officer — to be ejected from the chair
by John Marzulli


December 25, 2015, Daily News
Mother of slain Christopher Robinson, 18, says Rikers Island hasn’t learned their lesson
by Graham Rayman


December 25, 2015, The New York Times
Put Reforms Into State Prison Guards’ Contract
by The Editorial Board


How Was Shackling a Pregnant Woman Ever Legal?

Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Prohibit Shackling of Pregnant Inmates During Transportation
Currently, restraints are being used on pregnant inmates in a number of situations ranging from trips to weekly medical appointments, to trips between prisons, which can take more than 10 hours. This poses tremendous health risks to both the mother and child. It heightens the risk of blood clots, limits the mobility needed for a safe pregnancy and delivery, and increases the risk of falling, which can possibly cause a miscarriage.

by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Press Office, December 22, 2015


December 21, 2015, Daily News
Rikers Island captain promoted while facing probe for his role in violent encounter with inmate
by Reuven Blau, Stephen Rex Brown

Watch Video

The above video shows the promoted captain, “Fadina, a white-shirt jail captain, briefly placing his hand on Warden’s throat and blasting him in the face at least twice with pepper spray at close range”.


December 21, 2015, Vice
The Powerful Union Official Standing Between Rikers Island and Reform
by Max Rivlin-Nadler


Bronx DA drops felony charges against Rikers guard accused of smuggling razor-edged tool
by Reuven Blau, December 21, 2015, Daily News
DOI: Rikers Island Correction Officer Caught With Razor-Edged Weapon
October 11, 2015, CBS New York


December 18, 2015, TED Radio Hour
As a teenager, Ismael Nazario spent more than 300 days in Rikers Island’s solitary confinement before being convicted of a crime.


New Board of Corrections Rules

Board of Correction Approves Policy Changes to Make Rikers Island Safer, More Humane
by Courtney Gross, December 16, 2015, NY1

Notice of Adoption of Rules
by Board of Correction, December 16, 2015

Former Rikers Inmate Who Spent 3 Years In Solitary Blasts New Rule Change
by Victoria Law, December 17, 2015, gothamist

Record of Variance Action
by Board of Correction, December 16, 2015

Department of Correction seeks to delay young adult housing plan
by Colby Hamilton and Gloria Pazmino, December 15, 2015, Politico New York

Record of Variance Action
by Board of Correction, December 16, 2016

Board of Correction expected to approve Rikers rule changes
by Gloria Pazmino and Colby Hamilton, December 16, 2015, Politico New York

JAC Blog on Rule Changes – We didn’t win everything, but we put up a strong fight and pushed the Board to revise the rule significantly.

Don’t Blame Family Ties for Violence at Rikers Island
The new rules, proposed by Department of Correction (DOC) Commissioner Joseph Ponte, ostensibly as a part of his violence reduction plan, lack any data- or evidence-based support and appear unlikely to play a positive role in violence reduction. More likely, by further isolating incarcerated people from the social networks we know to be the most helpful prophylactic against crime, the rules could have the opposite effect. — Lisa Schreibersdorf, October 28, 2015, Huff Post Crime

No Touching Rule At Rikers Will “Dehumanize” Inmates, Advocates Warn
by Victoria Law, October 19, 2015, Gothamist

Advocates Speak Out at Hearing on Visitation Rules at Rikers
Watch the Video, by Courtney Gross, October 16, 2015, NY1

Advocates and Experts Protest Board’s Proposed Rikers Rule Changes
by Rosa Goldensohn, October 16, 2015, DNAinfo

Public to Review Rules for Visits and Solitary Confinement in City Jails
by Danielle Tcholakian, September 16, 2015, DNAinfo

Inmate Advocates Slam de Blasio’s Proposed Rikers Island Visiting Changes
by Jillian Jorgensen, October 16, 2015, Observer

At odds with City Hall, Seabrook pushes his own Rikers reform effort
by Gloria Pazmino, October 16, 2015, Politico New York

Proposed Rikers Visitation Rules Stir Debate
by Meg O’Connor, September 09, 2015, Gotham Gazette

Goodbye Solitary Confinement, Hello “Enhanced Supervision”
by Raven Rakia, Victoria Law, January 14, 2015, Gothamist



December 16, 2015, NYCLU
Historic Settlement Overhauls Solitary Confinement in New York
“New York State has recognized that solitary confinement is not only inhumane but detrimental to public safety and has committed to changing the culture of solitary within state prisons,” said NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman.
Ways to Support the Settlement:


December 13, 2015, The New York Times
An Inmate Dies, and No One Is Punished
by Michael Winerip, Michael Schwirtz


December 13, 2015, Daily News
Gang members drive stabbings, slashings on Rikers Island
by Thomas Tracy, Reuven Blau, Graham Rayman


December 1, 2015, Crave
Secret Histories| Jamel Shabazz: Tour of Duty on Rikers Island
by Miss Rosen


Man mysteriously dies the day he was getting huge settlement

by Mo Barnes, December 1, 2015, rollingout

Robert Hinton. Image Source: Free Thought Project
Robert Hinton
Image Source: Free Thought Project

Prison abuse victim shot dead just before he could collect $450K settlement
December 2, 2015, RT Question More

Former Rikers Inmate Who Received Settlement Is Fatally Shot in Brooklyn
by Michael Schwirtz, November 27, 2015, The New York Times

Former prison inmate Robert Hinton killed on the eve of $600,000 compensation payout
by Rohan Smith, November 30, 2015,


Family of diabetic Rikers Island inmate who died to receive $1.5M settlement

by Stephen Rex Brown, November 30, 2015, Daily News
An Unanswered Call for Help at Rikers Island
by Michael Schwirtz and Michael Winerip, September 1, 2015, New York Times

Video Shows Inmate Dying of Diabetes Complications in Rikers as Guards Did Nothing
by , September 1, 2015,  Slate


November 29, 2015, Daily News
Anonymous caller threatens to kill city correction officer, Rikers Island inmate named as suspect
by Reuven Blau


December 25, 2015, The Marshall Project
A Rikers Thanksgiving
by Maurice Chammah


City to Pay $5.3 Million to End Suits Over 2 Rikers Inmates’ Deaths

by Michael Schwirtz, The New York Times
Family of Rikers inmate who died to get $3.8M in settlement with NYC
by Josh Saul, New York Post

Jason Echeverria’s Death In City Jail Ruled Homicide; Mentally Ill Inmate Swallowed Detergent, Staff Didn’t Act
by , Village Voice

Father Demands Answers After His Son Deliberately Swallows Soap, Dies
by Reuven Blau, Daily News

Corrections Officer Found Guilty in Death in a Rikers Island Solitary Cell
by Vaidya Gullapalli, Solitary Watch


November 20, 2015, The Wall Street Journal

Even at Rikers, the Show Must Go On

by Charles Passy


November 17, 2015, DNA info
Bronx DA-Elect Lays Out Plan for Reforming Rikers Island
by Eddie Small


Commissioner Ponte struggles to strike a balance on Rikers reform

by Gloria Pazmino, Politico
Rikers Is Reforming Solitary Confinement—With More Solitary Confinement?
by Raven Rakia, The Nation
2 Teenage Inmates Charged in Attack on Rikers Island Officer
by Michael Schwirtz, The New York Times
No going back on Rikers reforms: The jails will only get safer only if we stay the course
by Joseph Ponte, New York Daily News
Rikers correction officer suffers burns after inmate tosses chemicals on him during assault: officials
by Thomas Tracy, New York Daily News
Corrections Officers to Rally at City Hall Sunday After Chemical Attack Against Rikers Guard
by NY1 News
Brooklyn borough president calls for end to Rikers Island violence
by Reuven Blau, New York Daily News

Why the reforms at Rikers Island are doomed to fail
by Norman Seabrook, the President of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, New York Post


Mayor de Blasio’s diversion distraction: Don’t uproot successful reforms in reaction to an officer’s murder

by Gabriel Sayegh, Daily News

Prison Alternatives Enhance Public Safety & Must Be Left in Place

by Lisa Schreibersdorf, Gotham Gazette


by Jon Campbell, The Village Voice

The Randolph Holder Shooting Had Nothing to Do With Jail Diversion and Bill de Blasio Knows It

by Andy Cush, Gawker

Shifting tone, de Blasio proposes tougher bail plan

by Laura Nahmias, Politico



Prisons and Jails Put Transgender Inmates at Risk

by The Editorial Board, The New York Times

Comments on the above piece by Caroline Dessert, Exec. Director, Immigration Equality and Dori Lewis & Kimberly Forte, Legal Aid Society

A Staggering 40 Percent Of Girls In Juvenile Detention ​Are LGBTQ

by JamesMichael Nichols, Huffington Post

Lambda Legal joins federal lawsuit after antigay attack at Rikers Island

Windy City Times


November 12, 2015, Crain’s

Mayor says city’s budget surplus will top $300 million
Tax revenues are running slightly ahead of projections, and the surplus will be spent on shelters, Rikers and next year’s expenses, Bill de Blasio said Thursday.

by Rosa Goldensohn


November 12, 2015, New York Daily News

Store near Rikers Island sells t-shirts mocking inmate abuse

by Laura Bult


November 2, 2015, HuffPost Politics

President Obama To Announce Executive Order To ‘Ban The Box’

by Marina Fang


October, 2015, Color of Change

Prosecute Fields. Drop the charges against the students.

Sign the Petition


Bronx DA Candidate at Center of Controversial Rikers Case


New Bronx DA to be appointed in upcoming election

by Steven Goodstein, Bronx Times


October 31, 2015, ABC News

Serving Second Chances: NYC Food Truck Hires Ex-Inmates

by Verena Dobnik


October 2015, Child Trends

Parents Behind Bars: What Happens to Their Children?

by David Murphey, Mae Cooper


Arrests made at Rise Up October protest to Shut Down Rikers as part of a three day protest against officer involved violence

JAC supports all actions calling attention to the abuses at Rikers and the need to shut it down. JAC always begins its Rikers bridge actions after the last visitors bus has left the island on Saturday.

Watch the Story on

Protesters SHUT DOWN Rikers Island Prison, Counter Current News

Rise Up October keeps pressure for justice reform in the streets, Free Speech News Radio
Listen to the Story on Free Speech News Radio


Shut Down Rikers is an important part of the Black Lives Matters Movement

Black Lives Matter still going strong with October call to action

by Alex Bazeley, Washington Square News

From Abu Ghraib To Black Lives Matter: Meet The NYPD’s Most Notorious Anti-Activist Cop

by Adam Johnson & Keegan Stephan, Gothamist

New York rally honors victims of police killings

by Renee Lewis, Al Jazeera America

This injustice has taken genocidal proportions: Why Cornel West and Carl Dix are rising up against police brutality

by Nadeen Shaker, Salon



Judge Approves Settlement of Suit on Rikers Island Brutality

by Michael Schwirtz, The New York Times

Judge approves landmark Rikers Island reforms

by Josh Saul, New York Post

City and Bharara Reach Settlement in Federal Lawsuit Over Rikers Island

by Jillian Jorgensen, Observer

City settles suit with beaten Rikers inmates for $3.5 million

by Josh Saul, New York Post

The long path to reform at Rikers

by Colby Hamilton, Politico

For a summary of the facts of the case, see our JAC Facts Page


October 20, 2015, Daily News

6 weeks in jail for wearing a hoodie - newspaper front page

NYC man was arrested, thrown in Rikers for 6 weeks in 2012 just because he fit vague description of black theft suspect: lawsuit

by Joe Stepansky, Nancy Dillon


October 20, 2015, The Marshall Project

New York City Jail Guards Are Fighting to Keep Their Records Secret

by Alysia Santo


October 16, 2015, New York Amsterdam News

Could ‘Bail Lab’ help reform city jail system?

by Cyril Josh Barker


October 14, 2015, CBS New York

Rikers Inmate Found Dead In Cell After Suspected Overdose


Close Down Rikers?

The Department of Corrections, the Bronx D.A. and the Mayor’s Office cannot deal with the violence on Rikers Island.

The New York Times and NY1, have documented that cases aren’t being prosecuted to keep inmates safe.

The Bronx D.A. blames the Department of Corrections.

Norman Seabrook, the President of the Correction Officers’ Union blames the Bronx D.A.

Perhaps the solution is to close down Rikers and appoint a new office without the political baggage?



Carmelo Anthony Visits Rikers Island
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The Prison Issue

Photo: What Happens When Inmates in Solitary Confinement Blow the Whistle on Their Abuse?

What Happens When Inmates in Solitary Confinement Blow the Whistle on Their Abuse?Molly Crabapple

A Former Inmate at Rikers Island Becomes One of Its OverseersRaven Rakia

How Personhood Laws Can Land Women in Court for Crimes Against Their Own FetusesKristen Gwynne

Infographic: A Breakdown of America’s Life Behind Bars, Haisam Hussein

Photos of Teenagers’ Lives in Limbo Between Incarceration and FreedomZora J. Murff

How Private Prisons Are Profiting from Locking Up US ImmigrantsKeegan Hamilton

Fixing the System: An Interview with President Obama on Prison ReformShane Smith

Silicon Valley’s Plan to Turn Inmates into CodersMary Pilon

How America Became the Most Imprisoned Nation in the WorldJohn Surico


October 12, 2015, Time

John Legend: We Must Help Former Prisoners Get Jobs

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Take the Pledge

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October 8, 2015, The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Let’s Talk About Prison

Watch the video


October 8, 2015, Vice

Will New York Scrap Its Broken Bail System?

by John Surico


October 7, 2015, The Atlantic CITYLAB

As a Start to NYC Prison Reform, Jail Data Will Be Made Public

by Brentin Mock


October 7, 2015, Gothamist

Photos: Rikers Inmates’ Artwork Now On View In Chelsea

by Miranda Katz


Rikers Island Prison Complex, The New York Times

Informative Chronology of Coverage


October 6, 2015, Politico

How Rikers Drove My Innocent Patient to Plead Guilty

by Mary E. Buser



Why Solitary Confinement is Modern Day Torture

Watch the Video

by Molly Crabapple



Prison Kids – A crime against America’s children

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Watch the Series


October 5, 2015, ProPublica

An Arrest, a Suicide, a Year Later: The Lasting Tragedy of Kalief Browder
listen to the story

by Cynthia Gordy


October 5, 2015, Daily News

Bring the law to Rikers where the Bronx DA is AWOL


October 3, 2015, The Intercept


by Hannah K. Gold


October 1, 2015, Courthouse News Service

Man Behind Garner Video Says Cops Used Rat Poison

by Nick Divito


October 1, 2015, amNew York

Corrections officers ready talk seriously talk about Rikers

By Norman Seabrook


October 1, 2015, The New York Times

State’s Chief Judge, Citing ‘Injustice,’ Lays Out Plans to Alter Bail System



October 1, 2015, New York Amsterdam News

Professor Ricky Jones knows best

by Cyril Josh Barker


October 1, 2015, Gotham Gazette

Will New York Be Last to ‘Raise the Age’?

by David Howard King


October 1, 2015, Daily News

Ex-Rikers guard pleads not guilty in stomping death of diabetic inmate, faces up to life in prison at trial



October, 2015, The Atlantic

The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration


October, 2015,  The Weekly Standard

Devil’s Island


September, 2015, The Atlantic

Prison: America’s Most Vile Export?


September 30, 2015, Vice

Down in the Hole: Why Solitary Confinement in America Needs to Stop


September 30, 2015, New York Daily News

NYC will pay $150G to settle lawsuit from man claiming jail guards beat him during visit to Rikers Island


September 29, 2015, The Takeaway

‘Lockdown on Rikers’: Shocking Stories from New York’s Toughest Jail


September 29, 2015, Gothamist

Public Defenders In Uproar Over Surveillance Cameras In New Staten Island Courthouse


September 29, 2015, The Associated Press

Feds: Guard’s Beating Caused 2012 Rikers Island Inmate Death


September 29, 2015, WNYC

A Rikers Island Social Worker


September 28, 2015, Washington Square News

Reform Rikers or shut it down


September 27, 2015, DNAinfo

Rikers-Hardened Youth Gangs to Blame for Brooklyn Shootings, Police Say


September 25, 2015, New York Daily News

Correction officer busted for trying to smuggle knives into Rikers jail: authorities 


September 25, 2015, The New York Times

Prosecutors Struggling to Keep Up With Cases of Violence From Rikers


September 25, 2015, Toronto Sun

Former Rikers correction officer charged after inmate’s seizure death


September 24, 2015, Broadly/Vice News

America Incarcerated: The Unspoken Rape Crisis at Rikers Island


September 24, 2015, New York Daily News 

EXCLUSIVE: NYC pays Rikers Island inmate-turned-snitch $20G after he filed lawsuit alleging guards beat him for revenge


September 23, 2015, New York Daily News

Rikers Island inmate beat up jail captain in August, his second attack against an officer behind bars, records show

September 22, 2015, New York Daily News

Good riddance, DA Robert Johnson: A bad prosecutor ends his tenure by lying to the voters


September 22, 2015 Gotham Gazette

Inmate Bill of Rights Among New Wave of Rikers Reforms


September 21, 2015, Los Angeles Review of Books

Black Lives and the State of Distraction by Eddie Bruce-Jones


September 19, 2015, New York Daily News

Former Rikers Island mental health worker details experience of inmates going mad, abuse in new book


September 18, 2015 Forward

How Surviving Solitary Confinement Changed My Life


September 18, 2015 Queens Observer

Council Passes Package of Bills to Boost Transparency at Rikers


September 18, 2015 Business Insider

Second Rikers guard pleads not guilty in NYC prison beating case


September 18, 2015 New York Times

2 Rikers Guards Set Up Attack on Inmate, Officials Say


September 16, 2015, The Marshall Project

In New York, Padlocked Jumpsuits for Prison ‘EXPOSERS’


September 12, 2015, The Inquisitor

Yelp Goes to Jail with Grim Rikers Reviews


September 10, 2015, The New Yorker

Prisoner’s Lives Matter


September 10, 2015, The Intercept

In Harm’s Way:  Seeking Medical Care, Female Rikers Inmates Say They Faced Sexual Abuse


September 10, 2015, New York Post

Inmate takes plea deal after nearly 7 years in Rikers without trial


September 09, 2015 Huffington Post

Calls to Close Down Rikers Island are Getting Louder


September 09, 2015 New York Daily News

NYC lawyers disturbed by Daily News story on Rikers guards who ignored dying inmate

September 04, 2015 New York Times

Rikers Island Captain and Officer Are Charged With Beating Inmate, 18

September 03, 2015 amNY

NYC reaches $450000 settlement in suit over Rikers beating

September 02, 2015 New York Magazine

Rikers Inmate Beaten by Guards in 2012 Reportedly Gets 6-Figure

September 02, 2015 New York Times

New York to Settle Suit Over Rikers Inmate Whom Guards Attacked


September 02, 2015 Gothamist

$450K Settlement For Rikers Inmate Beaten & Hogtied By

September 02, 2015 New York Post

Rikers Inmate Hogtied and Beaten by Guards gets 450k Settlement

September 02, 2015 Albany Times Union

Rikers Island inmates perceived as “pitbulls” of Alb. Co. Jail boarders


September 01, 2015

California Prison Officials Forced to Stop Some of Their Crimes:
The Struggle to END the Torture of The Pelican Bay SHU Continues


August 27, 2015, The Guardian

Young black man jailed since April for alleged $5 theft found dead in cell


August 27, 2015, The New York Daily News

Gay transgender Rikers Island inmate was repeatedly raped by correction officer: suit

August 27, 2015, Wall Street Journal

After Seven Years at Rikers, Man Learns His Fate


August 26, 2015, New York Daily News

EXCLUSIVE: Diabetic inmate needing insulin dies after suffering for 14 hours as Rikers Island guards do nothing

August 25, 2015, The Guardian

Young black man jailed since April for alleged $5 theft found dead in cell


August 24, 2015, New York Daily News

Rikers Island OT surge is worthless; violence is worse $93M later

August 23, 2015, New York Daily News

Punt Ponte: Rikers Island is out of control, and nobody seems to have a plan to fix it

August 23, 2015, New York Daily News

Daily News report exposing Rikers Island violence gets banned at jail

August 23, 2015, New York Daily News

EXCLUSIVE: SUMMER OF BLOOD: Gang violence surge in city jails has turned July into the bloodiest month behind bars in 15 years

August 20, 2015, New York Daily News

Ex-Rikers Island guard allegedly took bribes to smuggle tobacco to inmates


August 18, 2015, New York Daily News

EXCLUSIVE: City suspects Rikers Island health care provider of criminality in death of mentally ill inmate


August 16, 2015 New York Post

Rikers visitor says guards beat him because he’s gay


August 14, 2015 New York Times

New Monitoring Program Aims to Keep Youths Out of Rikers Island

August 6, 2015 Reuters The Wider Image

Rikers Island Prison Stories

August 06, 2015 The Daily Beast

Rikers Island Is the New Hell


July 30, 2015, New York Observer

EXCLUSIVE: Could This Program Stem Surging Violence at Rikers Island?


July 28, 2015, New York Times

Wall St. Money Meets Social Policy at Rikers Island


July 17, 2015, New York Times

Shut Down Rikers Island


July 16, 2015, New York Daily News

EXCLUSIVE: Violence at Rikers Island is highest in more than a decade despite thousands of fewer inmates


July 17, 2014 New York Times

Brutality in New York City Jails


July 14, 2014, New York Times

July 13, 2015, Al Jazeera America

The Rikers nightmare is far from over


May 22, 2014, New York Daily News

April 6, 2014, New York Times Editorial Board

The Mentally Ill, Behind Bars


April 4, 2014, New York Times

March 27, 2014, New York Times

March 27, 2014, Newsday

March 25, 2014, New York Post

March 24, 2014, New York Times

March 20, 2014, New York Times

Mayor Vows Jail Reforms on Rikers Island

March 20, 2014, New York Daily News

Homeless veteran ‘basically baked to death’ at Rikers Island

March 19, 2014, New York Times

Correction Dept. Investigating Death of Inmate at Rikers Island

March 18, 2014, New York Times

Rikers Island Struggles With a Surge in Violence and Mental Illness

March 4, 2014, The Center for Investigative Reporting

For teens at Rikers Island, solitary confinement pushes mental limits

March 4, 2014, New York Times

Rikers Island Guards Are Found Not Guilty in Prisoner Assault Case

February 19, 2014, New York Times

New York State in Deal to Limit Solitary Confinement

February 13, 2014, New York Daily News

Jails too mean to NYC teens, study finds

February 4, 2014, Solitary Watch

New York Lawmakers Introduce Bill to End Long-Term Solitary Confinement

January 5, 2014, Wall Street Journal

Solitary Jailing Curbed

November 19, 2013, NY Times

Mentally Ill, and Jailed in Isolation at Rikers Island

November 18, 2013, NY Daily News

Rikers Island Buses Halted by President Correction Officers Union

November 17, 2013, Gotham Gazette

Reforming Solitary Confinement at the City’s Biggest Psych Ward, Rikers Island

November 8, 2013, NY Post

Fired Rikers guard says boss to blame for inmate death

November 6, 2013, Associated Press

AP: Review faults NYC on solitary for mentally ill

October 20, 2013, NY Daily News

Investigators looking at Rikers suicidal inmate left alone against protocol

June 26, 2013, ABC Local News

Rikers Island supervisor, officers charged in inmate’s beating

June 26, 2013, Village Voice

Voice Exposé Leads to Indictment of 10 Jail Staffers, Including a Top Chief, For Brutal Beating of Inmate

April 25, 2013, Queens Chronicle

Bill Aims to Reduce Solitary Confinement

April 11, 2013, The New York World

No Escape

April 8, 2013, Metro

Dromm Pushes for New Solitary Confinement regulations

March 1, 2013, Village Voice

Shocking Rikers Security Breach! Convicted Sex Offender Posing as Correction Staffer Roams Jails, No One Stops Him

February 7, 2013, The New York World

Sick and in Solitary

January 17, 2013, Daily News

Rikers Island Correction Officers Get Short Jail Terms for Role in 18-year old Inmate’s Death

January 9, 2013, Village Voice

Ronald Spear’s Death At Rikers: A Host of Disturbing Questions Emerge

January 8, 2013, New York Times

Off-Duty Correction Officer Shoots and Wounds Man in Brooklyn

December 13, 2012, Village Voice

Michael Hourihane, Top Uniformed Jail Official, To Retire

November 27, 2012, WBAI: Free Speech Radio 99.5 fm

Activists Protest What They Claim is Widespread Misuse of Solitary Confinement Cells at Rikers Island

November 26, 2012, Colorlines

NY’s Rikers Island Inmates Paid 39 Cents Per Hour to Work in Sandy Recovery

November 23, 2012, New York Times

New York City Agrees to Pay $850,000 to End Suit Over Inmate’s 2004 Beating Death

November 5, 2012, The Crime Report

Kids in Solitary

November 5, 2012, NYU Local

Why Was Rikers Island Left Out of the Evacuation Plan for Hurricane Sandy

October 29, 2012, Solitary Watch

Prisoners Remain at Rikers Island as Hurricane Sandy Heads for New York

October 19, 2012, Village Voice

Charles Davis, Jails Captain and Son of Retired Chief, Suspended For Pounding Inmate With Riot Stick

October 19, 2012, New York Post

Cabbie slay duo cleared 17 years later, but have to wait five days for ankle bracelets

October 9, 2012, Village Voice

Rikers Inmate Found Dead, Sources Say Possible Suicide

October 4, 2012, Gothamist

Rikers Officer Charged for Selling Pot, Placebos to Inmates

October 3, 2012, New York Daily News

Unlock the Box: The Fight Against Solitary Confinement in New York

September 13, 2012, Village Voice

Teens on Rikers To Get Jail Uniforms

August 31, 2012, New York Times

New York City to Pay in Another Prison Suit

August 8, 2012, Village Voice

Rikers Con Job: With Jail Violence Out of Control, A Bogus Task Force Only Made Things Worse

August 2, 2012, New York Times

Goldman to Invest in City Jail Program, Profiting if Recidivism Falls Sharply

August 2, 2012, Village Voice

Dwaine Taylor, Ex-Riker Inmate Sues, Claims ‘The Program’ Still Exists

July 17, 2012, The New York World

Judge: City Must Pay for Failure to Produce Documents

July 11, 2012, New York Times

City Settles Lawsuit Over Death of Inmate

June 27, 2012, New York Times

Letter: Solitary Confinement

June 20, 2012, New York Times

Editorial: The Abuse of Solitary Confinement

June 15, 2012, Village Voice 

Rikers Scandal: Five Correction Officers Charged with Falsifying Reports

June 8, 2012, New York Times 

City Pays $2 Million in Case of Inmate Killed at Rikers

June 2, 2012, New York Times 

A Jail Guard’s Tale of His Journey to Inmate

May 29, 2012, New York Times 

Lawsuit Accuses City’s Jails of Condoning Inmate Abuse

May 27, 2012, City Limits 

Solitary Confinement On the Rise at Rikers

May 9, 2012, Village Voice 

Rikers Violence: Out of Control

November 28, 2011, Solitary Watch 

Solitary Confinement on Rikers: An Interview with Prisoners Rights Project

November 28, 2011, New York Times 

What Rikers Visitors Saw, and What Really Happened

November 21, 2011, Solitary Watch 

City to Sharply Increase Solitary Confinement on Rikers Island

October 18, 2011, UN News 

Solitary Confinement Should Be Banned in Most Cases, UN Expert Says

February 9, 2011, New York Times

City Settles Suit Over Death of Inmate